Information On Document Retrieval

Apostilles (for document recognition in a foreign country)

In accordance with the resolutions reached at the Hague Convention held on October 5, 1961, Diplomas, Oaths, Affidavits, Certificates, Transcripts and other legal documents issued or originating in one country can be accepted as notarized in another country if accompanied by a notarization verification (obtained through a County Clerk) and then sent to Diversified Corporate Services for attachment of an Apostille through the office of the Secretary of State of the state of origin, verifying the signature of the County Clerk.

Every signatory nation to the Hague's Article 12 (regarding the international use of documents) is able to recognize your Apostille bearing documents as authentic, as if they had been notarized in the country of use. Non-signatory nations receive a "Certification" in lieu of an Apostille, a Great Seal; with similar affect.

Diversified Corporate Services obtains Apostilles and Great Seals from every jurisdiction on a daily basis. Contact our team of document specialists for immediate assistance.

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Certificate of Good Standing

A certificate issued by the state agency responsible for registering corporations in that certain State, or the District of Columbia. In its short form, it is evidence of active status, being in compliance with franchise tax payments and the filing of annual reports. In its long form, it states the same information as a short form and also indicates any name changes, amendments and other filings.

Diversified Corporate Services obtains short and long form good standings, as well as negative certificates (when no record of an entity is found) from all jurisdictions, on a daily basis. Just indicate your specific needs and our dedicated team of experienced Corporate Specialists will be there to assist you.

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Certified Copies of Any Filed Document From Any Jurisdiction

Diversified Corporate Services will obtain certified copies of any documents, filed in any jurisdiction, in an efficient and cost effective manner. Just indicate your specific needs and our competent team of Document Specialists will be there to assist you.

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UCC, Bankruptcy and Lien Searches

UCC filing, Federal, State and Local lien and bankruptcy searches are a great tool, essential and necessary in the making of credit decisions. Diversified Corporate Services' team of UCC, bankruptcy and lien search experts are specialists in accessing and retrieving public information from local, state and federal agencies. Diversified Corporate Services' UCC, bankruptcy and lien search service will search records in all U.S. jurisdictions, in addition to assisting you with completing UCC forms for filing. Click here to learn more about our UCC Filing service.

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